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Rachna Khera Murdeshwar
Certified Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Family Constellation Facilitator Certified NLP Practitioner & Metaphor Therapist Coach; Self Esteem Elevation for Children.

Hypnotherapy is form of therapy where trance is induced along individualized techniques of counseling to bring changes in perception and memory. To help person reach the stage of trance, therapist uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and attention focusing techniques.
  • Shape Your Own Destiny
  • Reach Out To Prosperity
  • Key To Happiness; Way To Inner Peace
  • Blessed Without Stress
  • Past Life Regression & Future Progression
  • Changing Lives with Hypnosis (Self Hypnosis Training)
  • Family Constellation: Group Healing Workshop
  • Achieve Success without Stress
Ongoing Trainings

Educating the Mind; Nurturing the Heart

(Student Mentorship Program for Academic Success)

Do you feel that even after putting your 100%....

  • You are not getting the results you deserve?
  • You cannot focus or remember?
  • You go blank during exams?
  • You get anxiety attacks before exams?
  • You can’t manage your time effectively?

CALL/ WHATSAPP: 9371029694 or
EMAIL: rachna@mindmiracle.net

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Upcoming Events

JUNE-JULY, 2019:

1.  LET'S TALK (Free Monthly Event)

This is free monthly event for sharing your experiences or get answers to your questions.This is an open, non-judgmental space.

 It's for those who have undergone hypnotherapy, are in the process of working on themselves, or who are only considering,   everyone is invited.

29th June, 2019: 5pm-7pm



   FULL DAY WORKHOP: 6th July, 2019


 An hour and half drive from Pune city, amidst the newly enlivened monsoon trees and skies, a two-day, one night de-stress and rejuvenating retreat. 


For Information & Pre Registration

CALL/ WHATSAPP: 9371029694 or
EMAIL: rachna@mindmiracle.net









This is my second testimony/thank you note. Words are very short to appreciate your commitment towards client.
Now I can find calmness and peace in me which is already there. I was lost in my anxiety and wasn't able to see the beautiful world around me.
Thank you so much for your assistance and unconditional support. I really appreciate the way you help and care for your clients. You are the right person to be approached for all the issues those come up in life. I whole heartedly thank you and owe a lot to the help and support you been to me.

Gangadhar; Aug,2017

I was really upset with how I was reacting to my life, I had forgotten when last time I was happy, I tried a lot many times but couldn't recall. Nothing was going right in my life, starting from my job to my personal life, my relationships. I asked everyone in my life to leave me alone as I was harming them too. My anger was all time high and at times it becomes violent too...

S.M. ; May, 2017

I had joined a Life Coaching Programme with Ma'm and I ended up having a buddy in my journey. Starting a task was never as fun, as creative yet as diligent before this. Life is all about achieving the right balance in every walk of life and Rachna Ma'm taught me just that. Most importantly she gave me techniques/ life tools to achieve it. Will be ever grateful for these life lessons.

Disha; Jan,16