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Training Programs

We provide wide range of services to suit your needs to sustain a healthy business both monetarily, physically and mentally.

This is facilitated via workshops & seminars to address stress management, anxiety in the work place, sleeplessness, confidence building and other problem areas that affect productivity.

It is a proven fact that lot of man hours are wasted due to ill health, mental, physical stress and bad habits.  Productivity challenges arise due to work related stress, anxiety to prove themselves, low self esteem or the negative beliefs of the employee. It`s always a challenge for an organization to make use of the full potential of an employee.  

Self hypnosis, healing and manifestation techniques has proven to be latest of tools to bring in positive and more lasting change in employees.

Workshop / Seminar Options :

We have following designed programs that address the basic challenges plaguing organizations and teams,

Achieving Your Personal Best : Enhanced Confidence and Self Esteem, Motivation, Time Management & Erase Procrastination

Creating Breakthroughs / Creating Your Creative Best : Maximizing Mental Abilities, Increase Creativity, Enhanced Confidence and Self Esteem

Be Positive : Stress Management, Positive Mental Attitude & Emotional Balance

We also have

  • Specialist workshops for small groups
  • Tailored seminars for larger groups
  • Custom made workshop as per the requirement of the organization
  • Follow up sessions

Benefits to the organization:

  • Reduce overall stress levels
  • Increase individuals productivity
  • Better self esteem of teams
  • Motivated  & Healthy Employees
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Benefits to Individuals:

  • Reduced personal stress & better health
  • Better & faster decision making
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved belief system
  • Better relationships
  • More balanced and happier life




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