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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is an exciting trip which takes an individual back through time to their previous lives, opening doors in your mind to the worlds that were yours in another time.

Some people discover lives that they have shared with people that they have a close bond with, in their present life. Others are drawn to certain places or countries that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with. Some correlate the unexplained pains in this life to the traumas of past life. Past Life Regression open the memory files which are normally hidden in the subconscious mind.

Even if you are skeptical and think that it is only a fantasy, so far it help you address some present day issues, it’s worth undergoing.

Future Life Progression

Many people are curious to find out about what the future holds. Future Life Progression helps you in setting your goals; act as a motivator to make the necessary changes to secure the future you want, helps you take decision when you are feeling stuck and unsure about the future. It is very useful if you want to know the consequences of various options that are available to you now.

It can help you choose your own destiny, overcome blocks, and speed up future success. You can investigate in great detail, the ideas that will bring greater success and have a much greater idea of what or who you might want to let go of from your life. Often just the awareness of the good things to come can accelerate their arrival.

Life between Lives

At times, a stage comes in life, when you start feeling “Why me? Why is this happening to me?” All of us choose our life plan even before we come on this planet earth. Through this session, it is possible for you to reach the time between your past life and present life where you get in touch with your ‘Masters/ Elders/ Evolved Souls’ to get the answers of your questions.  You will understand the contracts you made with others on your path of learning in your present life.

It will help you to view and understand why you chose the life you are living now, why people around you are behaving in a particular manner. You get a chance to discover the purpose of your present life. These sessions are highly enlightening and uplifting for spiritual growth.

Personalized Hypnotherapeutic Recordings

During healing through Hypnotherapy, good deal of work can be done outside of the session by client himself by listening to therapeutic recordings. But, at the same time, it is better if someone understand hypnosis, knows how to relax and the client realizes the sense of self-effectiveness, through one or two private sessions. Then, by listening to recording once a day for a week or two, significant progress can be made without seeing the therapist very often.

Hypnosis recordings are designed specifically to help deal with the issue that a client needs to resolve.

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