What is Life Coaching?
  • At times, in our life, we come to crossroads. We know what we want, but don’t know how to get it but something holds us back. We are riddled with confusion, self doubt and lack of self confidence.
  • At other times, we feel that something is missing in life and just aren’t quite sure what it is. We feel unsettled and unhappy because we never thought that we would grow up and be so dissatisfied with choices we made earlier!
  • We also find ourselves wasting time in non productive activities which take us further away from our goals

Under these or similar circumstances, skills of a Life Coach are beneficial.  Life coaching is about assisting a client in closing the gap between where they are & where they want to be. It is a professional relationship designed for client’s growth: focused on moving forward, creating change and achieving the desired improvements and results. As a life coach, an extended relationship will help client find a balance between Empowerment, Acceptance and Motivation to achieve the transformation he desires.

Life coaching is done on one to one basis, with your specific goal in mind, and sometimes even to understand the goal.Together Life Coach and Client strategize and make the process clear, viable, attainable and easy!!!


Where can it help?

You can benefit from Life Coaching in both Business and Personal Goal Achievement. It can provide value addition many areas of our life. Some of them specifically are:

Business & Career :

  •      Recognizing and Accepting Goals
  •      Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development.
  •      Career Planning and Development
  •      Motivation and Time Management
  •      Creating Breakthroughs
  •      Enhance Confidence and Self Esteem
  •      Organizational Abilities
  •      Creativity
  •      Leadership Skills
  •      Decision Making


  •      Recognizing Goals and Understanding Inner Needs
  •      Stress Management & Balance in Life
  •      Time Management
  •      Motivation and Confidence
  •      Enhance Self Esteem
  •      Health & Life style Improvement
  •      Finance and Budgeting
  •      Personal Growth
  •      Relationships
  •      Parenting



Life Skill Coaching for Children :

Self-perception is the top most ingredient essential for developing happiness, fulfillment, rich relationships, and overall success in life. But, in the life of every child, something happens to ultimately change the child’s perception of himself & the world and child start doubting his own abilities. Some of the effects of low self esteem are: Being Insecure, Procrastination, Frustration, Worrying, Anger bullying, Depression, Fear etc and many other situations including Abuse, Addictions, School Drop outs, Poverty and even Suicide are also strongly linked to NOT having sufficient self-esteem!

Teachers, family members and above all parents can do much to support their children to feel good about themselves and to improve child's self-image. Life Coaching Skill guides Children and parents to prepare them to face the challenges of life in very positive manner



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