inside 20th August,2017: Achieve Abundance with Mental Banking at Mind Miracle, Pune  

Amazing workshop attended by 10 amazing participants; very different professionally: doctors, educators, CA, software professionals, HR, student....Everyone with different goals and different challenges.  

inside 16th July,2017: Healing & Liberating Art of Self Hypnosis at Mind Miracle, Pune
inside 9th June,17: Full Moon Meditation at Mind Miracle, Pune
inside 9th May, 17: Book a Date with Your Past; Group Past Life Regression at Mind Miracle, Pune
inside 16th April, 2013: Enhance Focus & Concentration in Children (5-10 years ) at Blue Bird Primary School, Karve Nagar, Pune
inside 6th March,2013 Manage Your Stress: at Symphony Technologies, Pune
inside 9th January, 2012 Hypnotherapy-Bring Change to Your Life: at Rotary Club of Pune University, Pune
inside 18th December, 2011 Shape Your Own Destiny: at Chandigarh
inside 5th December, 2011 Hypnotherapy-Bring Changes to Your Life: at Canara Bank Circle Office, Chandigarh
inside 26th November, 2011 Hypnotherapy as Alternative for Relief from Asthma: at Unnati Body Mind Clinic, Pune
inside 26th Sept, 2011 Bring Better Health with Hypnotherapy: at Senior Citizen’s Club, Chandigarh
inside 24th July, 2011 Self Hypnosis for Bringing Change to Your Life: at Mind Miracle, Pune
inside 8th April, 2011 Hypnotherapy- An Alternative Medicine: at Rotary Club of Sahwaas, Pune
inside 4th March, 2011 Coping With Stress at Work: at Katraj Dairy, Pune
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